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First registered 1984 established automotive domain.

Why Car-Parts.Co.Uk .

This site aims to provide useful information regarding all aspects of car parts.

Here are just a few car parts we will including in this website.

Car Parts. Car Service Parts. Car FiltersEngine Oils. Car Brakes. Brake Discs. Drum Brakes.Engine Parts. Drive BeltsFuel InjectorsSuspension & Steering. Shock Absorbers. Bushes.TransmissionClutch kits. Flywheels. Cooling & Heating. Radiators. Thermostats. Electrical & Lighting. Car Battery


Clean Air Crusade

We stumbled across this interesting story from the USA as it gives a bit of history of the electric car.

Carl the owner of the company writes how i 1967 he was in the Utah State Senate. While there, he personally wrote and sponsored the first legislation concerning the regulation of air pollution for the State entitled ‘Utah Clean Air Act’.

This got him interested in matters involving cleaning up the environment.


Carl saw a movie called ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’. In the movie it how General Motors had gone to deprive the average American from being able to drive on an inexpensive, non-polluting vehicle, made Carl went on to create the Electric Car Company.


Today, the business has grown as they not only sell equipment to convert to electric vehicles, but also specialize in lithium batteries, chargers, and solar energy storage.


Recycling is a big Consideration

News on the recycling program in car-parts technology is of interest to us, we report our findings

Smart Workshops need to prepare for changing times.

Our mission is to create opportunities for online businesses to sell car parts both wholesale and retail.

The market is changing rapidly and we are building a our websites to promote car-parts suppliers along with useful information on market opportunities

Automotive Challenges

Industry changes, Climate control, Emissions, Alternative power solutions, Driverless vehicles.

The Future of Diesel Engines

Manufacturers are looking to discontinue Diesel engines due to the harsh emission constraints being imposed, where does this leave the car-parts industry?

Tyres Cost of Recycling

As we see the constraints on waste, tyres seem to be fly tipped around the country.

We would like to hear from you regarding your views on solutions to this increasing concern.

Inspections & Tune Ups

Is servicing going to be a thing of the past as the new electric technology appears to need very little maintenance.

Other automotive Domains


As we see demaind changing this domain will be positioned to represent global electric car parts. Both retail and wholesale opportunities are a consideration

Partners Wanted

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As we see demaind changing this domain will be positioned to represent global electric car parts. Both retail and wholesale opportunities are a consideration 

Partners Wanted

Want to find out more?

We bring you the latest Battery technology news

As the electric car becomes part of our everyday live, the technology has changed dramatically with charging points increasing and the ability to drive further between charges.


The Automotive Word is Changing


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